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  1. Be faithful in fulfilling your commitment. If you are unable to make the scheduled time you have committed to please contact the Volunteer Department and soon as you can.

  2. If the number of Volunteers in your group changes please notifiy that person you have scheduled your project with. If you bring extra volunteers we will not have extra projects available.

  3. Volunteers younger than 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or adult chaperon. One adult per 5 volunteers under 18.

  4. Please do not give any money or gifts to residents, their families or friends. If you are asked for something, please notify the department supervisor or your Volunteer Coordinator.

    Also, please do not promote or solicit your own business enterprise, political agenda or religious beliefs while volunteering with us. Solicitation for a private charity is also prohibited.

  5. We consider theft to be the unauthorized use of agency services or facilities or the taking of any agency or resident’s property for personal use.

  6. Grace Centers of Hope volunteers receive free parking during the day in the lot located at 90 University. If you should damage another car while parking or leaving, immediately report the accident, along with the license numbers of both vehicles and any other pertinent information to your volunteer coordinator. Grace Centers of Hope does not assume any liability for any loss or damages you may sustain. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN STAFF PARKING SPOTS.

  7. Appropriate dress is required at all times. Casual dress is accepted, but you must dress neatly, clean and conservative. During the summer months flip-flops and Sandals are not
    , shorts and skirts must be knee length and shirts must cover the shoulder for safety reasons. No mid-riff, halter tops, low cut shirts, spandex or legging type pants are allowed. If you fail to meet dress persons can result in dismissal from service.

  8. Grace Centers of Hope has a ZERO TOLERANCE DRUG POLICY. There is absolutely no drug use or sales of any kind allowed on the Grace Centers of Hope premises. Any person caught with drugs on the premises with be asked to leave immediately, and authorities will be contacted.

  9. Grace Centers of Hope intends to provide a volunteer environment that is pleasant, healthful, comfortable, and free from intimidation, hostility or other offenses that might interfere with volunteer performance. Harassment of any sort – verbal, physical, and visual – will not be tolerated.

  10. Grace Centers of Hope (GCH ) is very fortunate to have hundreds of volunteers to help prepare and serve meals, paint, landscape and repair our facilities and other assigned duties, which results in savings to GCH of thousands of dollars. While performing these duties the volunteers work side by side with our residents. We want our residents to be polite and welcoming to our volunteers, but under no circumstance should there be any attempt to establish a personal relationship with a volunteer inside or outside GCH. This includes obtaining personal contact information. If the volunteer attempts to establish a personal relationship the resident should politely explain this policy and advise the Volunteer Coordinator. There could be a situation whereby a relationship could be more personal than a normal volunteer and resident working relationship such as counselor, mentor/mentee. In such cases both the Volunteer Coordinator and the Program Director must approve the relationship in writing. If anyone has knowledge of a relationship which violates this policy, it should be reported to the Volunteer Director.


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Volunteer Handbook and Application


Mary Beth Harvill
Volunteer Coordinator
1.855.HELP.GCH ext. 1134





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