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What is planned giving?

It is simply making a provision in your will or trust that a portion of your estate will be directed to a charity or charities of your choice after your death.

Why should I consider planned giving?

If you are a current donor, you already know about the work we do to shelter and rehabilitate the homeless, and you obviously believe in our mission and its success. It is only through your sustained support that we can continue God's work.

Many of us are in the position of not knowing how much money we need to support ourselves throughout the remainder of life. In fact we would probably give more to charity if we knew there would be money left over. The solution is to designate a percentage of money from your estate that you want to be given Grace Centers of Hope. Just as your current donations are tax deductible, so will be gifts from your estate.

What are some kinds of planned gifts?

WILL OR TRUST   This is a designation in your will or trust that you want a certain amount or percentage of your estate to be given to Grace Centers of Hope. This can be in the form of cash, stock, or property.

LIFE INSURANCE   Grace Centers of Hope can be designated as the beneficiary of all or part of the proceeds of a life insurance policy or you can transfer the ownership of the policy and get a current tax deduction.

CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY   This is an arrangement whereby you provide a lump sum gift to Grace Centers of Hope while you are living and you will receive a monthly or annual payment from Grace Centers of Hope for the remainder of your or your spouse's life. The amount of the payment is guaranteed.

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST   This is similar to the charitable gift annuity except you designate Grace Centers of Hope as the manager of designated assets in your estate which will be turned over to Grace Centers of Hope after your death. In
return, you will receive fixed payments for the remainder of your or your spouse's

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any of these or other opportunities for planned gifts with you. Please call Michelle Atwell at  1.855.HELP.GCH (1.855.435.7424).

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